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Lisandro Adrover

Lisandro Adrover started studying music at the age of nine years old, harmony, contrapuntal and composition at the Conservatorio Nacional de música in Argentina.
As a composer and director is well know all over the world for his intensity and originality in all performances.
In 1970 he joined José Basso's orchestra touring all over Japan and the Us.
Adrover performed until 1975, that year he started his sole carrier and formed Tango trio
He is well known by this performance with famous singers and musicians like Osvaldo Piro, Roberto Goyeneche, Rubén Luarez, Raúl Lavié, Leopoldo Federico, Nestor Fabián, Dyango, Susana Rinaldi and Armando Manzanero.
Between 1976 and 1978 performed for Osvaldo Pugliese´s orchestra. 1985 performed with Tango Argentino all over the US, Europe and Japan.
In 1986 tours all over Japan with Osvaldo Berlinguieri quintet.
Since 1990 is the Musical Director of Tango Famous Company "Forever Tango".
Arranged the traditional tangos of the Argentinean musical "Tanguera", the greatest success for more than 10 months in Buenos Aires.
Several themes of his selected for the first dancer Maximiliano Gerras "Tango Mirando al Sur" show, with the choreographic direction of Mora Godoy.
In 2002 was hired by Mora Godoy as musical director, arranger and his bandoneonist for the "Tango Emoción" show in Germany.

Mario Carlos Araolaza Pianist

Master Mario is an extraordinary pianist with a powerful characteristic, his capacity to express him self through music. He graduate from the National Conservatory of Music "Carlos Buchardo" as National Professor of Music.
In his beginnings he developed a large carrier as a concertist. In 1975 he abandons classic music and focuses all his energy in Tango. Mario took part in several orchestras like Eduardo del Piano, Emsamble Porteño, famous Alfredo de Angelis, Raúl Garello, Osvaldo Piro, were he traveled all over America, Europe and Japan. In 1994 he had the honor to join the Argentine Orchestra "Juan de Dios Filiberto".
Mario performed also for famous singers as Rubén Juarez, Roberto Goyeneche, Jorge Sobral among others.
Tango Companies as "Tangox2", "Forever Tango" and "Sexteto Mayor".

Domingo José Diani Bass
He started studying at the National Conservatory of Music "Carlos Bouchard" with master Faustino del Hoyo. Domingo grew up with Tango, breathing and studying it.
He was part of the National Symphonic Orchestra and them spent several years playing exclusively for Tango orchestras like Francisco Rotundo´s, Osvaldo Pugliese´s, Osvaldo Piro´s, Jose Colangelo and Osvaldo Berlingieris. Since 1998 Domingo is part of the famous "Forever Tango" orchestra directed by Master Lisandro Adrover were he had the pleasure among others to perform and record with the Symphonic Orchestra of Boston.
Miguel Angel Bertero Violinist
He started studying with master Juan Benesosvki and master Fernando Sala. Miguel is incredibly talented and his virtuosism involves the audience in a dream of music and peace. Since 1979 performs as sole interpreter in the National Symphonic Orchestra as well as the Rosario´s, Santa Fe´s, Mendoza and Mar del Plata´s.
Rafael Antonio Nicolau Guitarrist
Started studying music with his father when he was just a kid. Then Master Rafael continued studing guitar with Maria Luisa Anido. Harmony and composition with Sebastián Piana and Enrique Albano.
He obtained diplomas and the gold medal of the "Argentine Association of Chamber Music" for playing famous Argentine composers as Narciso Yepes, Manuel Lopez Ramos, Jorge Martinez Zárate.
Radael felt in love with Tango since he was a kid, since then he is being playing with many orchestras and other musicians like Lisandro Adrover, Roberto Pancera.
He participated in shows like "Forever Tango", "Atracción Tango", and Buenos Aires Tango" For several years Rafael dedicated to travel and performing at Berkley University and Stanford University.
In Concert
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